Shuttle to the start of the trail

It is not recommended to leave your vehicle at Maden Dam for 6 days for security reasons. We offer a Shuttle service from Hogsback to the start of the trail for R300 per person – (included in the package) we depart between 07.30 and 08.00 on the morning of your hike. Departure time will be confirmed when you arrive at Away with the Fairies for your pre-hike briefing.

Whenever we can, we use The Mzansi Experience to get you to the start of the Amatola Trail which is at Maden Dam. The drive to the start of the trail is 1 ½ hours, on some pretty treacherous roads.

The Mzansi Experience has brand new Mercedes Sprinter Buses so they get you there in comfort and with lots of space. For larger groups it might be necessary to use Mzansi and other vehicles too.

The 2 Day Zingcuka Loop starts at the end point of the 6 Day Amatola Trail right here in Hogsback, 4 km along a dirt road from Away with the Fairies. We charge R50 per person and leave at 6am in Amatola Trails vehicles (Free if you book a package).

Please Note: there are no Mzansi Buses leaving Hogsback on a Wednesday, so any Wednesday morning hike starts will be shuttled to Maden Dam in Amatola Trails and Away with the Fairies vehicles.

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Your transport to the start of your 6 day adventure. Click here for more info

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10 November 2018

Head Fairy Applications, thank you all prospective Head Fairies, please bear with me while I go through all the amazing applications.

9 September 2018

If you want to find some snow, then the top of the Hogsback Village is the place to go. None down here at the warmest part of Hogsback today though!!!

8 September 2018

Snowing loads, right now. Getting thicker. We've even got some rooms available.

9 August 2018

Hmmmm, 30mm of rain and 4 degrees. Smells like snow to the Fairies!!!!

2 August 2018

We won top selling establishment during the month of July! What a crazy month ending on an amazing Winter Celebration weekend

22 July 2018

1 of the best things you can do in your life, right here in Hogsback!

3 July 2018

It's a bright crisp morning in Hogsback. A small amount of snow still up high in the village, but not much. A lovely day for a hike in the forest!!!

2 July 2018

Away With the Fairies Backpackers Hogsback is in Хогсбэк.

Snowing in Hogsback! Get here before we get snowed in!!! Photo credit: Robert Kirsten

1 July 2018

Buzzfeed, the popular news aggregator listed us in one of their articles entitled "24 Hostels Around The World That Look Fancy But Won’t Break The Bank" check out the full list over here:

25 March 2018