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Permit Fees

6 Day – 5 Night Full Amatola Trail

The cost of the basic hike is R240 per hiker per day, which for the 6 day/ 5 night trail plus an additional R100 p/person for Hiker’s Assist totals R1540 per person. This includes your hiking permit and 5 nights in the hikers huts along the way. The minimum amount of hikers is at least 3, with the maximum amount of hikers the huts sleep being 20.  Please note there is a price increase on trail bookings every financial year on the 1st of April, so only if you pay in full before then will you receive this quoted price.

Scholars – There is a nice discount for registered students and scholars. The permit fee for scholars is R600 per person for all of the above (including Hiker’s Assist.) Scholars must supply a copy of their photo student card before payment.

2 Day – 1 Night Zingcuka Loop

The cost of the permit for the 2 day/ 1 night trail totals R580 per person and includes your hiking permit and 1 night in Zingcuka hikers hut and Hiker’s Assist. We recommend doing the hike in a group of at least 3 hikers (No fewer than 2) with the maximum amount of hikers the huts sleep being 20.

Scholars – There is also a discount for registered students and scholars. The permit fee for scholars is R395 per person (including Hiker’s Assist.) Scholars must supply a copy of their photo student card before payment.

Hikers Assist

We give a Pre-Hike briefing going over all the points to look out for on the trail and giving advice on anything you may need to know. If once on the trail you are unsure of anything or run into difficulties please feel free to call us and we will see what we can do to help. This service is included when booking through Amatola Trails

Pre & Post Hike Accommodation

We have 3 options of where to spend the night before and after the trail.

Striders Cottage is tailor made for hiking groups and is where Amatola Trails are based and where we do the pre-hike briefing and leave the vehicles for the safe parking during the duration of your hike. The views of the Amatola Mountains from Striders Cottage are incredible and it is right next door to Away with the Fairies.

Striders Cottage comprises of 6 en-suite rooms, sleeping a total of 15 people for R260 per person per night sharing and is great for Amatola Hikers, allowing you to have basic en-suite rooms in a peaceful location with a separate self-catering kitchen and common room as a perfect place to prepare / recover.

Room configuration within Striders Cottage:

  • X2 en-suite Twin rooms (x2 Single beds per room)
  • X2 en-suite Double rooms (x1 Double bed per room)
  • X1 en-suite 3 sleeper room (x1 with 3 single beds)
  • X1 en-suite 4 sleeper room (x2 bunk-beds)

Dorms at Away With the Fairies Backpackers: Our dorms at Away with the Fairies have access to a self-catering, shared kitchen and bathrooms. Dorms have all bedding and pillows though you will have to use your own towels. You have a choice of either an 8, 6 or 4 bed dorm at R200 per person per night. Secure parking is also available for the duration of the hike.

Campsites at Away With the Fairies Backpackers and Striders Cottage: Our campsites in at Away with the Fairies Backpackers and Striders, are mostly located in and around the stretch of forest between the Fairies and Striders property. You can find a space on the grass or in our own stunning forest. Unfortunately we do not provide any camping equipment. Choose a camping spot at R100 per person per night

Please let me know how many singles / couples within your group – so i can book your accommodation as best as needed but please note the price is per person sharing so 2 single hikers will be required to share a twin room.

Camping is available if you have a tent and really feel like making it an outdoors experience from beginning to end. We use the campsite at Away with the Fairies for R100 per person per night.

Shuttle to the start of the trail

It is not recommended to leave your vehicle at Maden Dam for 6 days for security reasons. We offer a Shuttle service from Hogsback to the start of the trail for R300 per person – (discounted in the package) we depart between 06.00 and 08.00 on the morning of your hike. Departure time will be confirmed when you arrive in Hogsback for your pre-hike briefing.

The 2 Day Zingcuka Loop starts at the end point of the 6 Day Amatola Trail right here in Hogsback, 4 km along a dirt road from Away with the Fairies. We charge R50 per person and leave at 6am in Amatola Trails vehicles (Free if you book a package).

Safe Parking

If you book a package through Amatola Trails then we offer Free Safe Parking at Acorn House as standard, allowing you to leave all your cars safely until you return. We charge R50 per vehicle if you haven’t booked through Amatola Trails.

Extra Extras

Slack Packing

Due to the nature of the trail and accessibility to the huts we can’t offer a full Slack Packing Package. We can however offer a drop-off of your pre-packed (by you) goods to Dontsa Hut (after day 2) for R1500 (1 and 1/2 to 2 hours’ drive each way on shocking roads) and to Zingcuka Hut (after day 5) for R350 (you will have to walk the 300m to the road to meet us and carry your goodies to the hut).

Frozen and Non-Refrigerated goods only please!!


We offer an extraction service in  – non-emergency – situations. Due to the nature of the trail it is extremely difficult / impossible to get to many parts of the trail in a vehicle. Some over-night huts are not accessible in bad weather. We can however get to all the Forestry Stations in any weather. We charge R1500 for the first 4 hours and then R500 per hour over that. (Almost all extractions are possible within 4 hours). If you need an extraction from Zingcuka then we charge R350, but remember, finishing in Zingcuka means you haven’t officially completed the Amatola Trail.

For Life Threatening emergencies we contact and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). This is free for life threatening situations and very very expensive if it is abused.

Prices Valid until 1st January 2020 


When making a booking we require The Hike Leaders name, address and contact number, the number of hikers and the preferred date to commence the trail. Once that has been done, in order to secure your booking we require either a non-refundable 25% deposit or payment in full. Please be sure that all hikers are fully committed before making your booking as refunds can be very time consuming. All Students must send through a photo copy of their student ID in order to get the Student Price.

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